The use of data and technology within real estate is accelerating fast.  It should be used as a tool to execute a bigger vision of embracing the future.

EG is proud to announce its second client summit, where we delve into the trends and questions we face around technology and digital transformation.

Our agenda focuses on industry predictions, solution-based updates as well as showcasing innovative solutions to drive performance within your business. Sessions include:

■ EG: Growth and acceleration

■ The vision for EG Radius

■ How technology can be used to market properties – the rise of virtual viewings

■ A new look and a new direction for EG


09:30 – Welcome & Market Overview

  • Sean Norris, managing director, EG

09:45 – A new era for real estate?  2021 and beyond

EG editor Samantha McClary and deputy editor Tim Burke join commercial director Richard O’Connor discuss the market and outline their predictions for the short and medium term.

  • Samantha McClary, editor, EG
  • Tim Burke, deputy editor, EG
  • Richard O’Connor, commercial director, EG

10:00 – EG: Growth and acceleration

Michael Marciano, EG product director, presents the new EG approach to integrated solutions that will provide our clients with the tools for improved growth and decision-making. Marciano will reveal a dramatic increase in data usage across our products, reflecting improvements in data contribution and product development.

  • Michael Marciano, product director – news, data & portals, EG

10:20 –The vision for EG Radius

Joe Sumray, senior product director at EG, highlights the EG Radius product roadmap. He will disclose to our clients the innovations and developments that will provide new market intelligence and improve operational efficiencies for customers.

  • Joe Sumray, senior product manager, EG

10:30 – Interview: how technology can be used to market properties – the rise of virtual viewings

David Salisbury of EG, interviews James Morris Manuel from Matterport on the digital transformation of buying, selling and renting over the past year. What lessons can be learned from residential – and what will work for commercial real estate? Salisbury and Morris Manuel ask the big question of what’s next for virtual technology and real estate.

  • David Salisbury, Propertylink group head, EG
  • James Morris Manuel, EMEA managing director & vice-president, Matterport

10:50 – A new look and a new direction for EG

Michelle McCann, EG’s chief marketing officer, explains how EG has worked with clients and employees to better understand the brand and position in the marketplace. By combining the heritage of our brand and creating a new digital space, EG can better communicate and interact with customers and the marketplace to help drive measurable growth. McCann reveals a new look for EG and highlights that by working together, we can make the UK the most data-enabled commercial property industry in the world.

  • Michelle McCann, chief marketing officer, EG

11:00 – Thanks and close

  • Sean Norris