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EG Radius brings together timely comparable data, market analysis, news & legal commentary from the commercial real estate industry, on to one integrated platform.

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Advertise your clients’ commercial property, land or auction listing to an active audience of investors, occupiers and developers.

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Delivering the biggest commercial real estate news stories of the week, from expert analysis to major market interviews and leading business insight, stay ahead of the real estate market with a subscription to EG Magazine.

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Attract the best talent in real estate, ranging from roles in surveying and construction to property & estates management. There is no better place to advertise your available job vacancies in commercial property.

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The EG resource hub provides you with the latest reports, whitepapers, videos, webinars & podcasts that are focused on the UK commercial real estate market.


BTR Investment: Bringing in the money

In part one of this two part in-depth EG Radius analysis of the BTR market, EG reveals the scale of investment, the areas attracting capital and speaks to the buyers behind the biggest deals.


Industrial real estate: a sustainable future?

Using data from EG Radius and other sources, this in-depth report will raise questions about the potential future of warehouse stock in the UK.


City Focus: Bristol and the South West

Download the review for a full understanding of trends and predictions for the CRE market in Bristol.

Upcoming EG Events

EG Media & Events are here to support the ever-changing demands of our industry. We continue to work hard to deliver content and events that offer significant value, and bring together the most influential people in the real estate market.



The Future of Work – Digital Transformation

Technology will play a crucial role in the future of the office. But which ones will be key in the transformation of the office and what impact will it have on people and their workspace experiences?


EG Magazine Tech Awards 2019 at The Brewery

Virtual Event: EG Tech Awards 2021

The EG tech awards are open to tech and real estate companies, projects and innovations from across the world as we continue to celebrate the transformative power of tech in real estate.


EG Awards 2019, Grosvenor House Hotel, London, Tuesday 22nd October 2019

EG Awards 2021

EG is proud to be bringing the EG Awards back to the physical stage, as we seek to crown the very best businesses in the UK and internationally.



The Future of Belfast

As one of the most affordable cities in the UK, Belfast is a capital like no other – offering a quaint lifestyle with an ever-increasing diverse talent pool.

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