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EG sits right at the heart of everything that is commercial real estate. We support our community of 250,000 professionals who look to us to solve challenges and provide answers.

We have spent more than 160 years serving the UK real estate market. With our expert journalistic content and high-quality data, EG solutions provide unique insight into the marketplace and generate new business for our clients.

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EG Radius

EG Radius redefines the way UK real estate professionals interact with commercial property data.

Bringing together timely transactional data, market analysis and leading news & legal commentary, on to one integrated platform.

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EG Propertylink

Powered by EG, a leader in real estate data & news, EG Propertylink is a dedicated site for commercial property listings.

With thousands of enquiries per week, it is the place to advertise your commercial property listing within the UK.

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EG Events

Partnering with EG Events will provide you with a unique opportunity to work with our team to present you and your business to the most important parts of the real estate industry, in the most authentic and credible way.

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