Sean Norris

Sean Norris, Managing Director, is responsible for EG’s performance and strategic vision to make the UK the world’s most data-enabled real estate industry. Sean joined EG in January 2021 and has worked for RSG businesses for over 14 years.

Damian Wild

Damian has been with EG since 2009 as editor, editor in chief and publisher. Director of market development since January 2021, he is now focused on EG’s strategy and ensuring its products and services meet the needs of the real estate market. He continues to host the Future of Real Estate podcast and is a regular contributor to industry events.

Huw Cahill

Huw leads the product, data and content operations at EG delivering valuable data and insights to the commercial real estate industry, ensuring that through our expert journalistic content and high-quality data, EG solutions provide unique insight into the marketplace and generate new business for our clients.

Dr Michelle McCann

Michelle is a seasoned business executive serving as a marketing leader in global organisations. She joined EG in January 2020 as Chief Marketing Officer. With more than two decades of experience, Michelle has a long track record of success developing and delivering revenue-generating marketing and management strategies, and creating value.

Chris Fleetwood

Chris has led EG’s technology function since 2015, and has worked with RELX businesses for the past 9 years. He arrived with a track record of successful change and transformation, and applied that experience to redefining EG’s approach to technology. Away from the office, you’ll find him riding mountain bikes, tinkering with music tech, or (more realistically) being fully occupied by two young daughters.

Owen Wadley

Owen is the Finance Business Partner for EG. He is responsible for partnering with the business leaders to understand their requirements and supporting them to ensure that the financial implications of any commercial or strategic decisions are considered.

Elizabeth Stewart

Elizabeth joined RSG in 2018 and has been working with EG since 2021 as part of the Senior Leadership Team. Her role is to shape and drive the HR, People and Culture Strategy in support of long-term growth of the business and development of our teams.

Sheetal Shah

Sheetal provides all strategic and transaction legal support and is a critical part of setting EG’s direction while building partnerships and managing acquisitions to grow the company. In addition to EG, Sheetal also supports Cirium, a sister business specializing in aviation related data and solutions.

Dan Benton

Dan is Associate Director, Strategy and Business Development at RSG. He provides strategy, acquisition, and innovation support to EG, helping to ensure products and services continue to meet the needs of the real estate market. Dan has been with RSG for over 14 years and has worked with EG since 2009.