How can this help me?

Built AI combines machine learning and artificial intelligence to help real estate professionals analyse a larger volume of opportunities, more efficiently, without additional resources.

Within 45 minutes, users gain a reliable and comprehensive insight into any deal’s potential returns, risks and opportunities.

Key features:

  • Faster and smarter analysis
  • Customisable assumptions, tailored to your view
  • Full visualisation of the business plan ready to share with a click
  • Seamless integration and export to Excel

How it works

Upload a property brochure or send your dedicated account manager the deal particulars in any format. Built AI’s technology will extract the key data fields and the tenancy schedule in seconds.

Built AI is available 24/7 and your customised business plan will always be checked by a human before going live, guaranteeing 100% accuracy. The platform allows business plans to be edited in just a few clicks and at the same time  supports complex redevelopment plans.

In addition, investors can explore the EG Radius data where users can access individual investment and lettings transactions.

When paired together, the resulting analysis provides a holistic view of the market using live data from over 200 brokers into the platform, providing the best UK coverage.

Book a meeting with the Built AI team and see how we can support your investment success.