How can this help me?

Through EG Radius, customers can access the following insights from INCANS®:

  • INCANS® Scoring System
    • 10 year projected probability of failure – predictive measures of risk
    • Standardised international scoring system – for cross border analysis
    • Equivalent Bond Rating – comparative risk
  • Global corporate structures with initial stage distribution analysis
  • Monitor the quality of your tenants’ income and financial health with 24/7 alerting
  • Alongside data on financial performance, payment patterns, business verification, credit scores & limits, directors and more…

Tenant risk insight from Income Analytics through EG Radius

INCANS® delivers proprietary income risk analytics for the commercial real estate industry. Created using advanced statistical modelling techniques, the INCANS® scoring system empowers real estate professionals to assess future risk to income on more than 500 million companies worldwide.

Delivered through EG Radius, the INCANS® Tenant Check & INCANS® Professional platforms help users to understand, manage and proactively mitigate risk to future income.

What does Tenant & Asset Risk in EG Radius give you?

Know your tenants

Understand the companies and individuals you are signing a lease with and their future ability to pay rent

Spot tenants at risk of default

Early predictive indicators will allow you to identify tenants at risk of default and take action proactively

Visualise aggregated risk at asset level

Combine multiple tenants and leases into a single asset or groups of assets to generate detailed income risk assessments

Centralised application

Help your team move away from spreadsheets, with clean tenant records that can be shared across multiple teams and departments