Providing Tenant & Asset Risk reports seamlessly for EG Radius users

Powered by Income Analytics and delivered through EG Radius, the Tenant & Asset Risk function is driven by qualitative data to enable real estate professionals, investors and lenders to assess, quantify and manage the global tenant income risk.

Tenant, asset and portfolio analytics and reports can be instantly accessed via a real-time dashboard within EG Radius and downloaded as PDF documents or spreadsheets.

“This is game changing.” 
UK real estate investment manager

“A good marketing tool to tell investors how we are monitoring the income risk and to measure where our strengths are.”
Pan-European real estate investment manager

“It would take us weeks to produce something half as effective internally. I would highly recommend it.”
Asset manager and developer

Benefits of adding Tenant & Asset Risk reports to your EG Radius subscription:

  • Download key information in a single report or on a comprehensive dashboard, containing real-time tenant financial and risk analytics
  • Long-term forecast and predictive analytics detailing probability of tenant failure over 1-10 years
  • Single international scoring system applied to more than 420 million companies worldwide
  • View and monitor the quality of your tenants’ income and financial health 24/7
  • Predictive analytics enables you to underwrite and monitor tenant income risk at a tenant and asset level

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What does Tenant & Asset Risk in EG Radius give you?

Tenant Report

Understand the long-term default risk associated with each tenant, making due diligence, signing a new lease or managing a real estate investment portfolio quicker and easier – saving time and money.

Asset Report

Quantify the security and stability of future rental income easily and quickly at asset level, consigning the outmoded practice of running commercial real estate from a spreadsheet to the past. Join the rest of the industry in using Tenant and Asset Risk reports.

Investor Relations

A European Fund Manager was launching a core fund vehicle and needed to demonstrate enhanced tenant and asset risk monitoring capability that would resonate with their investors. “[Income Analytics] is a great marketing tool to tell investors how we are monitoring income risk and be able to measure where our strengths are.”

Asset Management

During a Pan-European Core fund build-up it was possible to monitor individual tenant credit risk, but as the fund grew it was increasingly difficult to keep track and inform proactive asset management. Income Analytics enables 24/7 monitoring of financial health and default probability of tenants, assets and the fund. The ReWind feature enables access to historical performance and provides invaluable alerts on score changes. The Due Diligence application provided long-term probability of failure analysis for prospective assets and tenants.

Risk Management

A UK Portfolio Manager took significant time to consolidate individual tenant risk reports across a large portfolio. Covid-19 increased the burden of investor and lender income risk forecasting. Income Analytics provided accurate quantification of income risk, and the ability to forecast long-term probability of tenant failure. “[Income Analytics] is clear, well presented, a really useful analytics tool. It would take us weeks to produce something half as effective internally.”


We use Income Analytics as a standard point of analysis whenever we are marketing a portfolio to a cross-border investor pool, as it provides useful insight into the covenant of tenants that might not be well known outside their local market. For example, a granular portfolio of light industrial assets can score higher on Income Analytics than it photographs and comfort investors unfamiliar with the tenant businesses. We’ve also used it in consulting work to help our clients understand the strengths and weaknesses of their portfolios, adding another dimension to standard analysis.