Monday, 13 November
09:15Registration and breakfast
10:00Chair’s opening remarks

Samantha McClary, editor, EG
10:10-10:30Opening keynote: Leading through crisis
John Holland-Kaye, former CEO, Heathrow
10:35-11:10Economic update
The relationship between inflation, the market, the economy and commercial real estate is complex and influenced by numerous factors which are continuously changing in these uncertain times. Slowing growth, high inflation, interest rises, the cost of living crisis, energy prices, global supply chain issues, geopolitical tensions and rising inequality are adding pressure to businesses across the world. How will long-term inflation affect the current economic environment? How can the sector navigate through economic fragility? What risks should be assessed for leaders to navigate through volatility?

Ian Stewart, chief economist, Deloitte
11:15-12:00Going all out to create a better future for people and planet
There is no point reiterating the reasons why we need urgent action to tackle the climate crisis, and why the built environment needs to play a huge role in this. The government has recognised this and has made a series of commitments on climate action and reaching net-zero commitments but is fundamentally failing to meet these. Is political expediency holding the industry back from doing what they know is the morally right thing to do? What is our ask from government? Do we need to reset our priorities regarding sustainability and ESG goals? How can we make meaningful progress – and fast?

Mark Allan, CEO, Landsec
James Binks, assistant chief executive, Manchester City Council
Sarah Gillard, CEO, A Blueprint for a Better Business
Kate Norgrove, executive director, advocacy and campaigns, WWF UK
James Raynor, CEO, Grosvenor Properties UK
12:00-12:45Networking and lunch
12:50-13:00Keynote: Embracing ‘unworking’ in the digital age
The global pandemic brought our attendance in the office to an abrupt halt and triggered a complete re-evaluation of the purpose of the workplace. This opening keynote offers an overview of emerging workplace trends and innovations and explores what happens next, advancing a manifesto for “unworking” – unlearning old habits and rituals established for an outdated office and creating new ones fit for an age of digital technology, design innovation and diverse workforces.

Jeremy Myerson, author and director, WORKTECH Academy
13:00-13:40The office shake-up: Is homeworking reshaping the office market?
As post-pandemic job postings continue to offer flexible working and people continue to rationalise where they prefer to work and enjoy hybrid working patterns, how should office space look to reconfigure? Should surplus office space be seen as an asset or is it a liability? What is the role of leadership in making the office a cultural hub for its people?

Clare Bacchus, global lead, The Design House, Barclays Bank
Tim Oldman, founder and CEO, Leesman
Jeremy Myerson, author and director, WORKTECH Academy
Fons van Dorst, executive managing director, EDGE
13:40-14:10Fireside chat: AI technology and its potential to influence commercial real estate
Generative AI is evolving at record speed with CEOs getting to grips with the risks and business value. What is the importance of AI for real estate?

Tamás Madarász, decision science lead and vice-president, JP Morgan Chase
14:10-14:45Political insight: Moving towards a general election
With a general election drawing nearer and severe economic and societal challenges facing the country, 2024 could be the year for change. What would a new government mean to the industry and the economy?

Dr Sam Bruce, head of housing and communities, the Centre for Social Justice
Lewis Goodall, broadcast journalist, the News Agents podcast
Liz Peace, real estate industry chair and non-executive director
14:45-15:15Networking break
15:15-15:50CEO forum: Ask Me Anything
This Ask Me Anything session is driven by delegate questions. Hear from CEOs from the beds, sheds, shops and offices sector.

Julian Carey, CEO, industrials REIT
Andrew Jones, CEO, LondonMetric
Nick Leslau, chairman and CEO, Prestbury Investments
Geeta Nanda, CEO, Metropolitan Thames Valley

Lynda Shillaw, CEO, Harworth Group
Catherine Webster, CEO, Thriving Investments
15:55-16:40Panel discussion: Generational diversity and Gen Z and A in the workplace
Addressing the challenges of today’s multigenerational workforce and fostering a culture of intergenerational collaboration is essential to secure the business of the future. How will the ambitions of younger people shape the next generation of work? How can the industry harness the power of Gen Z? Can we make our industry attractive to younger generations and particularly underrepresented voices?

Denziel Armah, student, University of Plymouth
Judi Greenwood, director of strategy, Regeneration Brainery and project lead for Future of Greater Manchester
Isabelle Hease, chair, BPF Futures advisory board
Lucia Sanderson,  apprentice surveyor, CBRE
Yasin Rofcanin, PhD, professor of organisational psychology and human resource management, University of Bath
16:40-16:45Chair’s closing remarks

Samantha McClary, editor, EG
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