The dwindling confidence in the UK government can be seen as unattractive to global investors, in turn jeopardising the opportunity for cities to grow.

This means local leaders are becoming increasingly important in the battle to keep their cities on track. But in the case of Bristol, which has voted to remove the position of city mayor and return to being run by a committee of councillors, could this be a hazardous decision? 

In this EG Cities Live podcast we will discuss what this means for the likes of Bristol’s Western Harbour development.

Podcast will be available 11 October.


Julia Cahill

Associate editor, EG

Jonathan Lambert

Director, development, Savills Bristol

Dr John Savage

Executive chairman, Bristol Chamber of Commerce & Initiative

Christine Townsend

Councillor, Green Party, Bristol City Council

Series partner

This EG webinar will explore:

  • What are developers required to do under the Environment Act 2021 and when?
  • How is biodiversity measured and whose responsibility is it to measure it?
  • What are the options available to developers looking for BNG solutions?
  • What are the risks of getting BNG wrong and who is liable?
  • When should you start planning for BNG to ensure financial viability and delivery of your projects?

Join us for this webinar on Monday, 21 November at 10am.

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