EG will be hosting a series of closed-door roundtable discussions, where influential leaders from the public and private sectors will meet to ignite conversations on pressing matters shaping the real estate industry. Taking place across seven dynamic cities – Birmingham, Manchester, London, Leeds, Newcastle, Cardiff and Glasgow – these gatherings aim to foster collaboration and drive innovation.

With a focus on local impact, our roundtable discussions provide a unique platform for industry pioneers to come together and explore the challenges and opportunities specific to each city. By bridging the gap between key stakeholders, we aim to support local leaders in identifying new avenues for investment and development.

During these engaging discussions, participants will exchange insights, share best practices and brainstorm solutions that can propel the real estate sector towards sustainable growth. The findings of these events will be shared here, providing a broader audience with access to the expertise and perspectives of industry leaders, inspiring further dialogue and driving positive change within the real estate landscape.

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