After the huge success of this year’s virtual event, which attracted over more than 100 entries and some 1,800 log-ins to watch the event from all around the world, we have decided to take the EG Tech Awards 2021 global. This will be the first year that every category will be open to tech and real estate companies, projects and innovations from across the world as we continue to celebrate the transformative power of tech in real estate.

So whether you are based here in the UK or overseas, check out the categories below and take a few minutes to tell us why you should win a coveted EG Tech Award in 2021.

The period under review runs from January 2020 to February 2021 for performance highlights.

All entries must include an elevator pitch to the judges (a short marketing pitch), along with your entry submission in no more than 300 words.

You can also upload a maximum of two pages of support material. This is not mandatory and should only be used to enhance your submission. Support material includes, but is not limited to, videos, images, press cuttings and testimonials.

Entries now closed. The shortlist will be announced on 6 May. 

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Innovation Award (product)

This award is open to any fresh product developed by a business or individual which can be proven to be truly innovative. Either a new product or a product addition, upgrade or update within the period under review the product must be past initial concept stage and should demonstrate measurable success. The product can apply to any area of tech and/or real estate.

Innovation Award (building)

An award open to any building around the world that can demonstrate measurable innovative qualities and/or returns. While we are looking for evidence of an innovative building in its entirety rather than a focus on a specific element or product, we are interested in a brief description of the drivers promoting that overall innovation including, but not limited to, internal systems, construction techniques and tech-enabled design.

Innovation Award (business)

Has your company or team demonstrated a particularly innovative approach to business over the past year? If so, then this could be the award for you. We are looking for a team or company that has worked together to deliver innovative solutions whether that is as part of their own company structure or for another tech or real estate company. As there is a separate innovation award for product, the winner of this category will have to go beyond showing evidence of innovative output in isolation and will need to demonstrate how they worked together using innovative thought-processes and strategies within the business. This award is for a company which has delivered a truly innovative different business model and/or way of thinking.

Other categories

Rapid Response Award

A new award for 2021, this award is for a business or individual which demonstrated a measurably successful solution or response to the changing market during unprecedented times. Including, but not limited to, ideas and solutions developed quickly in response to the Covid-19 pandemic, we are looking for a winner who stepped up to the plate in challenging circumstances to deal with an unforeseen issue or problem. Open to companies across all sectors of real estate, the winner will need to demonstrate it employed technology and/or data to address the issue in hand and will need to provide evidence to show how effective the solution has been since its introduction.

Construction Award, partnered by Great Portland Estates

The winner of this award will have demonstrated that they have made the best use of technology to facilitate, create or improve a construction project or process. Open to companies and projects, the winner of this award must demonstrate how using technology and/or data has delivered tangible benefits to construction projects from supply chain management right through to delivery.

Infrastructure Award

The winner of this award must demonstrate how they have made the best use of technology to facilitate, create or improve an infrastructure project. We want to understand the system itself but also need to see evidence of measurable or projected success. A wide-reaching award, infrastructure in this category can refer to either physical or social infrastructure and can also apply to existing or future schemes and is open to companies and project from around the world.

Investment Award, partnered by MRI Real Estate Software

This award recognises the best use of technology to support property investment, either to raise funds, reduce risk, identify an opportunity or speed up transactions. Open to global entrants, judges will want to see evidence of new technology – or new ways of using existing technology – being skilfully employed to improve the investment process. Entries must include demonstrable, tangible benefits and/or examples of measurable success.

Placemaking Award

This award will celebrate a technology or solution that elevates wider building portfolios and larger schemes to new heights by focusing on place and space making. Open to global companies and projects judges will be looking for an example of an innovation that looks beyond an individual building and focuses on making the most of the bigger picture – the space in and around a larger area or scheme.

Productivity Award

An award for the best use of technology to improve productivity in buildings or cities. Judges will be looking for evidence of how technology has been used to increase productivity of ether the physical asset/city or the people within it. Or indeed both. Entries must include demonstrable, tangible benefits of improved productivity. As an example, if the entry in question relates to an office then fewer sick days, increased use of space/reduction of person/sq ft) or increased productivity of a building through use of robots would all be strong measures of success. These criteria and examples will obviously differ depending on the focus of each individual entry.

Sustainability Award, partnered by headline partner DAC Beachcroft

This award recognises the best use of technology to improve the sustainability of a building, scheme, city and beyond. Open to global companies and projects, judges will want to see effective use of technology to promote sustainability whether that relates to solutions within one particular building or scheme through to businesses and individuals dedicated to helping the sector by delivering or advising on sustainable solutions.

The Big Picture Award

From government organisations to regulatory bodies, as tech in real estate becomes ever more crucial, the involvement and support of major players at on a wider scale is paramount. The winner of this award will be an influential body, organisation or government scheme/department demonstrating support for tech and real estate on a grand scale. Whether through digital transformation, focused engagement with the real estate and/or tech sectors or backed schemes.

Bridging the Gap Award

One of our most popular awards, the winner in this category will be an individual who can demonstrate true leadership in the sector and plays a major role in bringing the worlds of technology and real estate closer together. Judges will be looking for someone in the sector who is widely recognised as expanding the awareness and adoption of technology. This individual should also have a proven track record of understanding and appreciating the relationship between tech and real estate.

Real Estate Digital Legal Adviser Award

The digital legal adviser of the year is one of our most integral awards given that innovation increasingly does not come without regulation. This award is for any law firm, department or individual advising a technology or real estate company (or both) to help them navigate the complicated world of digital transformation.

Real Estate Digital Outstanding Achievement Award

Another new award in 2020 and now in its second year, the winner will represent a property company, organisation, team or individual that has demonstrated truly outstanding commitment to technology within the sector. Whether it’s a programme, a deal, an example of digital transformation or a bold move, change or hire – we want to find the people and companies making a real, committed and prolonged difference.

Real Estate Digital Rising Star Award, partnered by Retransform

Fresh out of university? Just started out in real estate? Or perhaps you are a property professional or veteran who has pivoted/changed direction or innovated either within a larger organisation or by braving the start-up world? Whatever stage you are in your career, if you have embarked on or started something fresh, we want to hear from you. Open to anyone who can demonstrate Rising Star status January 2020 – February 2021, anything goes as long as it proves innovation and success.

Wellbeing Technology Award

Sometimes the best way to do good is to feel good. Or at least help others feel good. This award will celebrate the best wellbeing innovations in property. We want to know how the technology is implemented, how is works and how the wellbeing impact is measured. Open to anyone in tech from the real estate companies employing technologies to the tech companies developing and creating them.

Tech Investment Award

An award to celebrate the people putting their money where their mouths are. From real estate companies to VCs and institutional investors, this award is open to anyone who made a significant investment (either in terms of capital or impact) in the tech space between January 2020 and February 2021.