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Diving deep into what makes the built environment tick

Between each section of inspiring Tedx-style talks, we will be delivering short video interviews with our Future Leader alumni, sharing their stories of development since taking part in the programme and how they’ve each brought their talks to life. There will also be a few fireside chats aimed at helping you take the day’s learnings and put them into practice.

And you will go on your own journey too. As a guest, you will be asked to select a category you would like to focus and you will form your own cohort, working through the big change you would like to see the real estate industry deliver in our cities, through its ESG agenda, through innovation or, indeed, with the future talent the sector needs to support for it to thrive.



Our cities have faced some of the toughest times on record over the past few years as the Covid-19 pandemic emptied out some of our most vibrant centres. But cities are the lifeblood of the country, providing opportunities for learning, living and building a career. In the first segment of EG’s Future Leaders Summit, our leaders will take you on a journey of discovery about how our cities are changing, what city life means and what they – the future of this industry – envision for the UK’s cities of tomorrow. 


Real estate must operate through the lens of ESG today. There is no other option. In this segment, our Future Leaders will be showcasing how the built environment community can and should be leading by example when it comes to sustainability and delivering social value. What lessons can we learn for today from our leaders of tomorrow?


Change only comes through innovation and we all know how much real estate needs to adapt to a new normal. If our cities are to thrive, if the sector is to play a positive role in easing the climate challenge and making society a more equitable place, then it needs to innovate. Here, our Future Leaders will share their big ideas for change. What technological insights can they share? How can businesses operate differently to deliver more and better? What role does a diverse and inclusive environment have in innovation? 


We’ll finish the day with a look to the future. Here our Future Leaders in the early stages of their careers will take to the stage to tell us what the future of real estate is. You will hear their view on what they want real estate to represent by the time they are leading our businesses. What will it look like? Will it know its purpose? How will it operate and what will it deliver?