The EG Future Leaders project is now firmly established as an award-winning programme that showcases the very best hidden talent across the real estate industry. What started out as project to enable more women across the sector to feel confident and supported enough to stand up on stage and have their voice heard has now transformed into a movement.

This is a programme that works tirelessly to open doors for those people in our industry who do not come from traditional backgrounds and who haven’t followed the traditional routes into real estate.

It puts inclusivity at its heart and seeks to help the real estate industry reverse its lack of diversity at senior levels – be that gender diversity, ethnicity, socio-economic, neurodiversity and disability diversity – in order to find the very best talent that is often hidden right in front of our eyes.

Through bringing together a diverse group of future leaders, the EG Future Leaders programme seeks to bring new ideas, ideal and goals for real estate into the limelight. This is not a diversity programme. This is about the industry being the very best it can be – about thriving and showing the world what it has to offer. And how that opportunity is open to everyone.

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