What are strategic alliances?

We collaborate with external companies to form strategic alliances that leverage their knowledge and resources with the power of EG. This enables property professionals to effectively source, appraise, transact and manage sustainable real estate assets.

Our alliances possess advanced expertise in complex data and technology, creating long-term value for businesses in the real estate market.

By combining our collective strengths and capabilities, we develop leading-edge intelligence that helps our clients make informed business decisions. Our aim is to tackle the most demanding data requirements in UK commercial real estate and provide dependable business solutions to our clients.

Our partners, which include Agents Insight, Built AI, and Income Analytics, among others, collaborate closely with us to deliver exceptional outcomes. Discover more about each of our current partnerships below or contact us if you are interested in becoming a trusted EG partner.


Leverage our combined expertise to unleash greater potential using
technology and data.

Streamline customer solutions and simplify complex data challenges.

Strengthen your brand and grow your awareness in the market by
associating with the most trusted UK real estate brand


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