van Dorst is an executive commercial director at Edge. With extensive transaction-based experience ranging from the underwriting, acquisition, funding, structuring and leasing to sales of developments, refurbishments, standing assets and portfolios, he has a deep understanding of value creation in commercial real estate. In 2011, after studying at Sciences Po in Paris and obtaining both an LLM at the University of Leiden and a MSc in business studies from the University of Amsterdam, he joined the largest real estate advisory firm in the Netherlands, where he learnt the fundaments of commercial real estate. In 2013, he joined Edge to work as an analyst, with a primary focus on assisting new acquisitions and the structuring of both joint ventures and individual transactions. Following an appointment as commercial manager and completion of a post-graduate MSc in real estate in Amsterdam, he became responsible for the front-end of both acquisitions and divestments. In 2019, he was promoted to executive commercial director of the UK market after securing Edge’s first project in London: EDGE London Bridge.