Valente is city councillor for economy, employment and entrepreneurship and city councillor for finance, economic activities and inspectorate. He is board member of Porto Vivo – Porto urban rehabilitation society. Valente is also a professor at the School of Economics and management of the University of Porto and at PBS – Porto Business School. Valente was city councillor for economy, tourism and commerce and city councillor for European funds (2017-2021), city councillor for economic and social development (2016 – 2017), and non-executive city councillor (2013 – 2016). He was also the president of porto convention & visitors bureau (2018 – 2020), president of the board of GO Porto – municipal management and works company (2016-2017), and member of the national bidding commission for the relocation of the European medicines agency (2017). From 1992 to 2016, Valente worked in risk management consulting, capital markets (as director and board member of brokerage firms), asset management (as CEO of one of the largest independent asset management firms in Portugal), investment banking (as member of the board of a bank), and was also an investment consultant. Valente has a master’s degree in finance and a MBA in finance from the Catholic University of Lisbon, and a degree in economics from the University of Porto. Valente is the author of several books on risk management.