HM Land Registry data 

HM Land Registry data is a valuable resource and the authoritative source of transaction data for UK commercial property. Our expert team of researchers have spent thousands of hours interpreting lease agreements and extracting the relevant information into high quality and detailed lease comparables, instantly accessible on EG Radius.

  • 50,000+ lease agreements dating back to 2019 (Nov 2023)
  • 1,000+ new lease agreements every month
  • 100% of lease agreements contain lease expiries
  • 33,000+ lease breaks added
  • 93,000+ rent reviews incorporated
  • 86% named business tenants
  • 93% include rent per annum
  • 16,000+ rent-free periods found

How can this help you?

Ownership verification: Confirm property ownership details ensuring accuracy in transactions.

Transaction verification: Confirm tenant details, incentives, rent-free periods, rent reviews, lease breaks, step rents and any other relevant transactional details to gauge the market by sector and region more accurately, and to produce more incisive comparable evidence.

Title number information: Find title deeds to enable linking through to GOV.UK and find related information on HMLR to help understand property boundaries, easements, and any restrictions, providing a comprehensive view of the property.

Market analysis: Leverage data for in-depth market analysis, identify emerging trends, areas of growth, and investment opportunities. 

Client services: Provide clients with accurate and up-to-date data to gain competitive advantage and understand rental fluctuations.

EIG Property Auctions data

Essential Information Group (EIG) auctions data provides valuable insights into the auction market, offering a number of benefits through investment comparables, including:

  • 26,000+ records from EIG Property Auction covering almost every auction in the UK since 2019
  • 5 years of auction data
  • 350+ new auction records added every month
  • 20% increase in investment comparables data
  • 100% of records have transaction dates and participants

How can this help you?

Auctions data in one location: Access almost every commercial property auction sale in the UK from the past five years. 

Market trends: Analyse trends in the auction market by reviewing the types of properties being auctioned, sale prices, and the demand for specific property types in different regions. 

Property valuations: Assess the market value of properties by evaluating sale prices achieved at auctions and gain a real-time understanding of the current market value of similar properties. 

Investment opportunities: Identify potential investment opportunities of undervalued properties or those with high potential for capital appreciation.