Hospitality in Westminster

In August 2022, Whitbread announced it had acquired 5 Strand for a hub by Premier Inn hotel. The 700-bedroom development will create one of the largest budget hotels in central London, a stone’s throw from Nelson’s Column. In this exclusive EG podcast, the team behind the £125m acquisition will lift the lid on why they were so attracted to the location, how the opportunity came about and the task of planning for such a large hotel in the heart of the West End. What will it bring and how does it align with Westminster City Council’s goals for sustainability and a fairer economy? 

Jonathan Langdon, senior acquisition manager, Whitbread
David Morris, board director, DP9
Andrea Williams, senior assistant director, Westminster Property Association


Jonathan Langdon

Senior acquisition manager, Whitbread

David Morris

Board director, DP9

Andrea Williams

Senior assistant director, Westminster Property Association

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