The new EG Radius feature will enable investors, landlords and developers to access live energy performance certificates

London, 18th May 2023: EG, an established provider of data, news and analytics for the commercial real estate sector, has launched an Environmental, Social and Governance Certificate (ESG) dataset in  the EG Radius platform, providing property owners, investors and developers with a quick and reliable way to access commercial property energy efficiency information.

EG’s new functionality compiles ESG data, which users can currently only access through different segments on the UK Government website, into one streamlined process, enabling EG Radius customers  to easily identify if an existing  property is in need of energy upgrades.

The data will be available within Property Reports  on EG Radius and will include energy performance certificates (EPCs) for domestic and non-domestic properties as well as display energy certificates (DECs) for public authority buildings and properties with a floor area over 250m2 together with recommended improvements

The launch of the ESG  dataset follows the introduction of the anticipated minimum energy efficiency standards (MEES) legislation in the commercial sector, requiring buildings to meet certain energy efficiency standards.

Providing clear and accurate information surrounding a building’s energy efficiency, the new feature will highlight the building’s current rating (A being most efficient and G least efficient) and  offer insight into recommended improvements to enhance the property’s energy rating.

Michael Marciano,  Product Director  at EG, said: “Following the introduction of MEES and the minimum EPC standards in the commercial real estate sector, landlords are now required, by law, to ensure their properties meet the required EPC rating. Currently, an EPC rating of band ‘E’ is the minimum a commercial property must hold prior to any new leases or renewals – with this set to increase to a rating of C in 2027 and finally B in 2020.

“The addition of ESG data in EG Radius will enable  investors and landlords to identify opportunities for properties that need upgrading. In doing so, they can drive their investment strategies  by easily identifying new  properties in need of energy upgrades that could deliver an effective return on investment. It will also support agents and tenants looking for quality properties with a high EPC rating and in turn, lower running costs.”

With flexible search and filter options, users can break down their search into units, or different spaces within the building, and view  when a building has an expired certificate. This provides a time-effective solution as EG Radius users no longer need to navigate through various information sources, including the UK Government website, to access the property’s energy efficiency information.

Michael further commented: “The CRE market will see an increase in the demand, and rental premiums, of buildings with higher EPC ratings due to the number of properties that are not currently compliant. In London alone, 24.1million sq. ft are expected to fail to meet the new regulations, putting the equivalent of 20 Shard’s at risk. And regulations will only become stricter over time.

“Investors and developers will benefit from EG’s new  dataset as it will enable them to filter for lower rated assets to seek opportunities but also enable them to help meet the market demand for energy efficient, sustainable buildings.”

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