A measure of whether contributed data values are within acceptable thresholds


Accuracy calculations will only be performed on records that pass mandatory field validation and have made it into the Radius database. Validation will also check for obvious date errors and 0 values in numeric fields.

Radius will define “outlier” thresholds for numerical data e.g. rent/sq. ft. in 3 regions for different sectors:

  • London
  • Major Cities
  • Rest of the UK

Records containing data values falling outside of thresholds or text fields provided solely to bypass validation (e.g. ‘n/a’ or ‘not know’) will be flagged as inaccurate.

The accuracy percentage for a contributor will be calculated as:

The expected minimum threshold for proportion will be set at 80% and measured as an average across all data submitted by the contributor at any given time.


The Accuracy metric will only be calculated for records that have passed validation and made it into the Radius Data Exchange system.

Radius Data Exchange contributions will be rejected if they fail validation in order to ensure mandatory fields are provided.

Minimum threshold

RDX Pie Chart