A measure of volume of records contributed vs expected volume


Contributors will be expected to contribute all of their deal and availability data to Radius Data Exchange, where they are permitted to do so.

At the subscribers year 1 start, date a number will be agreed between the subscriber and EG as to the likely remaining number deals and availability data the subscriber will provide up to the end of the month of December, immediately following the subscription start date. EG will use historical data to inform this discussion and expects the subscriber to enter a good faith discussion to jointly estimate deal and availability volumes year to go.

In the January immediately following the subscription start date, the subscriber and EG will estimate the amount of deals and availability records the subscriber will be able to contribute to Radius Data Exchange up until the end of the following December.

In each instance availability and deal data will be estimated separately and EG will communicate it to the subscriber in writing.

This exercise will be repeated every following January for the duration of the subscriber’s contract.

The agreed estimated record number for both deals and availability will be called the Expected Deals/Availability Volume. Proportion will be calculated.

The total number of records calculated and agreed with the contributor will be flat phased across the year by 365 days, to give a daily cumulative number expressed as a percentage.

The expected minimum threshold for proportion will be set at 80% and measured as an average across all data submitted by the contributor at any given time.

Should an external event occur that prevents the subscriber hitting its minimum threshold for the proportion, the subscriber must inform EG and if EG agrees that the event has had a material effect on the subscriber’s ability to meet its minimum threshold for proportion, then the proportion metric will either be re-calculated or suspended for the remaining calendar year. EG will not unreasonably withhold its agreement.

Volume estimation

The derivation of historical averages will take into account merger and acquisition events of the past 5 years.

The proportion metric will only consider “live” Availabilities i.e. those with a status of “Available” or “Under Offer”.

An Availability will only be counted once, e.g. An Availability going from “Live” to “Withdrawn” and then to “Live” again will only be counted when first going “Live”  

Minimum threshold

RDX Pie Chart