After nine months of Covid with its subsequent lockdowns and restrictions, how did this impact the demand for commercial property in 2020?

With post lockdown sentiment bouncing back, EG Propertylink experienced spikes in searches throughout 2020. National policy and the devolved Government’s diverging approaches to containing the virus later in the year can be traced through some market activity but it wasn’t the only influencer.

Demand surged in unexpected places such as London commuter towns whereas trends were reversed in similar markets like Oxford and Cambridge. Working from home combined with retail and leisure outlet closures naturally took its toll, but equally it started influencing search behaviour in surprising ways.

Some markets saw increasing demand for shops and hospitality space perhaps indicating longer-term trends in how we live and a sign of opportunity from those in a position to take advantage of the rise in vacancy.

The second edition of the EG Propertylink Sentiment Report takes a look at where, after two lockdowns, enquiries were focused – giving a unique glimpse into where the commercial property market is heading in 2021.

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