Many seaside towns are caught in a cycle of decline borne out of the collapse in demand for traditional domestic beach holidays. The increase in popularity of low-cost foreign package holidays has eroded the local economies on which many coastal industries where once built.

Figures from the EG contributory database EG Radius, indicate that after suffering myriad socio-economic issues, seaside towns are more likely to be deprived than other areas of England.

This special EG investigative report, Turning the Tide: Seaside Regeneration, uses insights from EG Radius Data to highlight the opportunities and challenges facing public and private regeneration experts who are working to revitalise seaside towns. It also summarises:

  • How seaside towns can shake-off a legacy of disinvestment and socio-economic decline
  • How they can ready themselves for emerging markets and growth economies
  • What effect the coronavirus pandemic will have on local industries and employment, and how they avoid obsolescence post-Covid-19
  • The role of real estate in securing the long-term future of these coastal economies

Download the report for the full overview of the continued role of real estate in regenerating the UK’s seaside economies.

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