You’ve worked hard, now let us shout about it !

By entering your deal data into EG Radius, you can gain valuable exposure through our On-Demand Rankings – especially if you top the leaderboards in your region, sector and industry.

Individual Dealmaker rankings are also now available, giving you the opportunity to track your personal performance against your counterparts, nationwide.

Enter your deal data seamlessly through our various contribution methods and watch as the league tables change every week.

What’s included in the rankings?

Rankings are calculated by the total amount of floorspace transacted, or total value for investment sales. Searchable tables enable you to view rankings by sector, city, county, region, London markets and individual deals. You can also track quarterly totals across all markets. Access the dynamic tables 24/7 to unlock the insights most relevant to your business.

Lease renewals and transactions under NDA at the time of publishing are not included.

Entering your data:

Enter your deal data with ease through our multiple contribution methods:

  • PDF Instant Upload
  • Kato (formerly AgentsInsight) and Agency Pilot (Alcium)
  • Integration with CRMs
  • Directly upload to EG Radius

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